Ahead of the Heard is a group blog of Bellwether Education Partners, a national nonprofit focused on dramatically changing education and life outcomes for underserved children. Bellwether created Ahead of the Heard to enable staff from our team to share insights and knowledge from our work and to connect those insights to the broader public debate about education in America. (Our first post explained the origins of the blog’s name.)

Ahead of the Heard complements two Bellwether-operated sister sites: Teacherpensions.org, a project focused on improving retirement security for educators, and Eduwonk.com, a blog featuring news, analysis, and opinion from Bellwether co-founder Andrew Rotherham and invited guests.

Ahead of the Heard is designed to feature a variety of voices reflecting the diversity of the Bellwether team and the range of work we do. Views expressed on Ahead of the Heard are those of the credited authors and should not be understood as representing organizational viewpoints of Bellwether or any of Bellwether’s clients or funders. While Bellwether team members agree on the critical importance of the educational challenges facing America and the urgency those needs demand, we do not always agree on the best policies or solutions for addressing those challenges. This mix of views is part of what makes our work exceptional and unique. Ahead of the Heard honors that tradition and may at times feature robust debates between Bellwether staff members.

Bellwether works with a wide variety of clients and funders, and our writing on this blog sometimes touches on issues related to those clients and funders. As with all of our work we are committed to the highest standards of transparency and disclosure. While we hold our clients’ sensitive information in the strictest confidence, authors will always disclose any relationships with clients, funders, or other organizations and individuals we write about. And Bellwether has no confidential clients. Consequently our transparency policy is simple at its core: If it matters to something we’re writing about, you’ll know about it as a reader. And, of course, while what we learn in our work with clients sometimes shapes our thinking on education issues, authors’ writing always represents their independent perspective. Bellwether is a non-lobbying organization and does not do public relations work on behalf of any client. We represent only ourselves.

We welcome feedback, informed discussion, and debate and encourage readers to engage with us in any of the following ways:

  • E-mail us. A full list of Bellwether staff and their contact information is available here. Any email we receive from you will remain private. We will not publish anything you write without your express permission to do so.
  • Post comments. We believe that blogs exist to promote dialogue and conversation. The Ahead of the Heard comment policy can be found here.
  • Follow us on Twitter. We’re at @bellwethered and our authors have their individual Twitter accounts.

We look forward to continuing the conversation!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Victoria Barres

    Could you tell the story about the origin of the title, “Ahead of the Heard”, please? I’m sure there’s a reason that you use ‘heard’ rather than ‘herd’, but how many people understand the play on words, especially when you have an image of a sheep adjacent to the title. There are so many errors in texts these days, even simple constructions such as ‘it’s’ and ‘its’ that I thought I’d ask. I also suggest you include the story somewhere on your ‘about’ page on your site. Maybe it’s embedded somewhere at a deeper level, although I didn’t find it.

  2. Joyce Wilson

    I’d like to write a guide for you to publish on your website…

    It’s a quick-start introduction to “ECOpreneurship” – or “how to start a business that saves the planet” – full of helpful resources and a perfect starting point for nature lovers who are business-minded.

    I will write it and send it to you for free. I’m retired and I believe I can help save the Great Outdoors while also helping local economies recover.

    While you’ve probably heard of ecopreneurship, surprisingly few people realize that starting a business can also help save the planet.

    If I write this guide for you, will you join me in my work by publishing it?

    Best wishes,


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