Best of Bellwether 2019: Our Most-Read Publications and Posts

2019 was a busy year at Bellwether and across education in general, and we’re excited to round up our most-read blog posts and publications from the past 12 months. They cover a number of topics, including how school leaders can improve school culture (and reclaim their own time), how to improve the quality of early childhood education, and how to better bridge research and practice. This list also reflects your wide-ranging interests in the myriad issues that Bellwether experts work on across policy and practice. 

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Top Ten Blog Posts from Ahead of the Heard in 2019

1.) 3 Things Head Start Programs Can Do Right Now to Improve Their Practice

by Ashley LiBetti

2.) School Culture Is More Than Fragmented Strategies — It’s Four Cohesive Elements

by Tresha Ward

3.) Correlation is Not Causation and Other Boring but Important Cautions for Interpreting Education Research

by Cara Jackson

4.) Bellwether Is One of D.C.’s Best Places to Work

by Andrew Rotherham

5.) What This Washington Post Opinion Piece Got Wrong on Charter Schools

by Sara Mead

6.) “Can We Talk?” What Inclusion Means For Those of Us Who Count As “Diverse”

by Jessica Cooper

7.) Why Is the Number of Family Child Care Providers Declining — And Why Should You Care?

by Sara Mead

8.) Why Is There a Disconnect Between Research and Practice and What Can Be Done About It?

by Cara Jackson

9.) Reclaiming Your Time as a School Leader

by Tresha Ward

10.) New Report Reveals Messy Teacher Shortage Data

by Kaitlin Pennington


Top Ten Publications & Releases from Bellwether in 2019

1.) Nuance in the Noise: The Complex Reality of Teacher Shortages

by Kaitlin Pennington McVey and Justin Trinidad

2.) Education in the American South: Historical Context, Current State, and Future Possibilities

by Kelly Robson, Jennifer O’Neal Schiess, and Justin Trinidad

3.) The State of the Charter Sector

by Ashley LiBetti, Phillip Burgoyne-Allen, Brandon Lewis, and Kirsten Schmitz

4.) Leading by Exemplar: Case Studies of Head Start Programs

by Ashley LiBetti

5.) Leading by Exemplar: Lessons from Head Start Programs

by Ashley LiBetti

6.) The Challenges and Opportunities in School Transportation Today

by Phillip Burgoyne-Allen, Katrina Boone, Juliet Squire, and Jennifer O’Neal Schiess

7.) School Performance Frameworks: Lessons, Cases, and Purposeful Design

by Bonnie O’Keefe, Brandon Lewis, Jennifer O’Neal Schiess, and Jason Weeby

8.) The State of Assessment: A Look Forward on Innovation in State Testing Systems

by Bonnie O’Keefe and Brandon Lewis

9.) Toward Equitable Access and Affordability: How Private Schools and Microschools Seek to Serve Middle- and Low-Income Students

by Juliet Squire, Melissa Steel King, and Justin Trinidad

10.) Unfinished: Insights From Ongoing Work to Accelerate Outcomes for Students With Learning Gaps

by Gwen Baker, Lauren Schwartze, and Amy Chen Kulesa