Saying Thanks.

Andy Smarick

Photo by Toby Jorrin.

Today is my last day at Bellwether. It’s been a terrific four years. I’ve been very lucky to have had such top-flight colleagues and to have had the chance to work with so many exciting and inspiring partner organizations.

It’s been a daily delight to work at a fast-growing organization dedicated to helping improve America’s schools. My teammates taught me a great deal and took on our work with smarts, energy, and good cheer. Whether we were working on standards, assessments, accountability, charters, choice, educator evaluation, facilities, transportation, or something else, the members of the Bellwether team always prioritized the needs of America’s disadvantaged kids. We might’ve been producing a business plan, a financial analysis, a report, an article, or a blog post; it was always a rewarding experience.

Bellwether’s leadership team imagined, created, and rapidly expanded a unique and successful organization. They continue to lead a group of exceptional professionals that contribute mightily to the field. I’m lucky to have been a small part of this adventure.

I’m also thrilled, though, about the opportunities ahead. I’ll be joining the exceptional team at American Enterprise Institute and will share more information on what’s next for me in the weeks ahead. Until then, just a final thanks to Bellwether¬†and the great groups we’ve worked with. You’ve enabled me to do the work I love while helping students and the adults working on their behalf.

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  1. Ross Danis

    All the best Andy. You remain a distinctive and fearless advocate for children and their learning. I will look forward to learning more about your new adventure!

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