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Ten Reactions to “From Intention to Action,” a Report by Education Pioneers and Koya Leadership Partners

Last week, Bellwether Partner, Tina Fernandez, and I provided commentary on the importance of  understanding why organizations fail to move from commitment to action when pursuing diversity initiatives. The post was prompted by From Intention to Action: Building Diverse, Inclusive Teams in Education to Deepen Impact, a report released last week by  Education Pioneers and Koya Leadership Partners.

In the process of reviewing the report, my colleagues amassed a list of reactions that include plusses, minuses, methodological quibbles, and questions that were provoked. While we all agreed that the topic is important and necessary to examine, there were aspects of the report that I wished were more rigorous and comprehensive.

Let me pause here to say that I’m a huge fan of Education Pioneers. I’m an active alumnus and I worked there happily for six years. In my last post, I worked in close partnership with the Koya team, which was phenomenal. So raising critical questions about Intention to Action caused me great consternation. Through conversations with numerous colleagues (many of which are EP alums), I was ultimately able to separate my backing for Education Pioneers’ programs from my analysis of their report.

I believe we’ll make more progress as a field if we push each other to do our best work as individuals and organizations, keep exchanges centered on issues, and assume best intentions. I try to model that here.

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