Best of Bellwether 2018: Our Most-Read Publications and Posts

Below are the most-read posts from Ahead of the Heard and our most-read publications in 2018! (To read the top posts from our sister site, click here.)

Top Ten Blog Posts from Ahead of the Heard in 2018

1.) Moving Away from Magical Thinking: Understanding the Current State of Pre-K Research
Marnie Kaplan

2.) What I Learned About Retaining Teachers From Having Done It Badly as a New Principal
Tresha Ward

3.) Three Questions About the Bezos Day One Fund
Ashley LiBetti

4.) Two Graphs on Teacher Turnover Rates
Chad Aldeman

5.) Defining the “Pipeline” in “Teacher and Leader Pipelines”
Lina Bankert

6.) Integration, Choice, and Power: An Interview with Mohammed Choudhury
Kaitlin Pennington & Max Marchitello

7.) An End to “Must-place” Teachers in LAUSD? Almost.
Hailly Korman

8.) Kids Are Counting On Us: A Q&A With Bellwether’s New Academic Strategy Senior Advisers
Tanya Paperny

9.) How an East Coast/West Coast Hip Hop Rivalry Helped Us Find Evaluation’s Middle Ground
Katrina Boone & Allison Crean Davis

10.) Will States Keep Student Growth in Teacher Evaluation Systems After ESSA?
Kaitlin Pennington

Top Ten Publications & Releases from Bellwether in 2018

1.) Eight Cities
Lynne Graziano, Jason Weeby, Tanya Paperny, & Sara Mead

2.) Rigged
Hailly T.N. Korman & Kelly Robson

3.) Teacher Supply and Demand: How States Track Shortage Areas
Chad Aldeman

4.) It Takes a Community: Leveraging Community Colleges to Transform the Early Childhood Workforce
Marnie Kaplan

5.) Creating More Effective, Efficient, and Equitable Education Policies with Human-Centered Design
Jason Weeby

6.) Overview of the History and Status of Teachers’ Unions
Kelly Robson, Kaitlin Pennington, & Juliet Squire

7.) Retaining High Performers: Insights from DC Public Schools’ Teacher Exit Survey
Kaitlin Pennington & Alexander Brand

8.) Trading Coursework for Classroom: Realizing the Potential of Teacher Residencies
Ashley LiBetti & Justin Trinidad

9.) Let the Research Show: Developing the Research to Improve Early Childhood Teacher Preparation
Ashley LiBetti

10.) Measuring Educational Opportunity in Juvenile Justice Schools
Hailly T.N. Korman & Alexander Brand

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